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About Us

As two profound lovers of design with an endless sense of wanderlust, we’ve experienced quite the mutual quandary through the years: How do we transport an entire country’s achingly beautiful array of goods back home into our living rooms? After decades of crossing countries and cultures and overzealously stuffing our suitcases with handcrafted goods from near and far, we came to realize how important design was to our environments. There is nothing superfluous about surrounding yourself with beauty and objects that bring back wonderful memories or instill comfort. Nevertheless, with all that we love, we realized we couldn’t have it all—and from those seeds of thought sprang the roots to Arrow & Felt. In April 2016, we launched our company in Brooklyn, New York—home to some of the most innovative artists and makers around.

Our mission at Arrow & Felt is to offer a unique blend of curated artisanal-quality home goods available to you at the click of a mouse. Each piece is hand-chosen by us, based on the beauty of the materials, the handcrafted nature, the tactility and/or our overall lust for the product. While finding the perfect mirror might not be a pursuit someone far from the design world will completely understand, it inspires emotion and helps tell a story—your story. We are a work in progress so expect to see a wide range of made goods slowly joining our little family of home decor items. But rest assured, you will never find an item on our site we would not own ourselves (space permitting). We hope you agree.

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